Emergency Calls

If you have a MEDICAL EMERGENCY or MEDICAL QUESTION, please call the office at (301) 762-5501 to leave a message for your provider.

The following is a useful checklist for times when you need to call the doctor.

  • Be available to speak with the doctor. You are the best person to describe your problem.
  • Please get to the point of your call quickly. There may be a number of other calls we need to return and patients in labor.
  • Detail your problem and symptoms.  It often helps to write yourself notes so you do not forget something important. If you think you have a fever, check it  with a thermometer. We will need to know how high it is and how long it has been present.
  • Have your pharmacy phone number at hand in case we need to send a prescription.
  • Be aware we do not call in prescription renewals after hours.
  • Do not have a block on your phone line.┬áMost of our personal phone numbers are unlisted and we will not be able to return your call if there is a block on your phone.