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Nutrition in Pregnancy

A balanced diet of grains, vegetables, fruits, and protein help maintain an optimal and healthy pregnancy. Eating healthy foods is great for a woman during

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Pregnant women in yoga class sitting on mats stretching arms in a fitness studio

Childbirth classes

We very strongly encourage prenatal classes, as they will make you and your partner more comfortable with the birth experience.  Be sure to register between

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Labor Instructions

For mothers planning for a healthy baby, our gynecologists and obstetricians know how to make sure you’re in your best physical health for delivery. For

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Cord Blood Banking

For stem cell research, stem cells can be isolated from the body in multiple ways, and for pregnant women, they can donate their placenta for

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General Health Care

This may involve discussions of general fitness, diet, and smoking cessation. Appropriate referrals will be made for medical problems that require the expertise of other

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Portrait of Pregnant woman smiling

Expectant Mothers

Did you know? Mothers can benefit from the advice of a pediatrician concerning: The umbilical cord Difficulty with breastfeeding Immunizations Developmental milestones Baby-proofing the house

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Annual Exams (OB-GYN)

Annual gynecological exams are preventative tools available to help women identify and treat complications that pose a threat to their health as early as possible.

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While getting pregnant can sometimes take a little time, lengths of time greater than one year may indicate fertility problems. While infertility is typically associated

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Ovarian Tumors

The ovaries are small organs that help regulate the reproductive processes in women. Most women are born with two ovaries – one on each side

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Family Planning

The decision to have children is complex. For many women, family planning isn’t just about deciding whether to have kids, but also determining when. A

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Postpartum Care

Postpartum care is important during the days and weeks following a vaginal or c-section delivery. The first two to three days of postpartum care are

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Pregnancy Services

Pregnancy Services At our clinic, we care for women’s needs in a trustworthy, professional environment. We dedicate our services to bring excellent care during pregnancy,

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