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Gynecology is a fantastic field of medical science – it dives into the ins and outs of the woman’s body, and works with the intricate, life-bearing mechanics that the reproductive system offers. Gynecology keeps women healthy and active throughout their lives, and all it takes for women to become more proactive about their health is to see a gynecologist. At our practice, we focus on educating women throughout all stages of their lives on what to expect from their appointments, such as how to protect themselves during sex, how to prepare for pregnancy, among many other aspects that make up what being a woman means.

What Is Gynecology?

Gynecology is a field of medical health that focuses on women’s reproductive systems. While family doctors, pediatricians, and general doctors can help treat gynecological issues, gynecologists can answer some of the most advanced questions about a woman’s body. These specialists help women understand their bodies, track changes in vaginal health, and teach women how to care for their bodies by understanding their hormone changes, nutrition, medication, and overall wellness.

Gynecology covers many aspects of a woman’s reproductive system, and many clinics, including ours, offers these varieties of services to help women gain better health, including:

Annual Exams

These exams are vital for checking in on how the reproductive system is functioning. These exams can allow you to express your concerns with your body, describe unusual symptoms, and receive treatment for various diseases and conditions. You can talk about concerns with your period, your acne problems, weight issues, and your overall emotional health with your doctor, and they’ll be able to diagnose the potential causes of what you’ve been experiencing. Throughout your exam, they’ll ask you questions, and if needed, perform these various tests: 

Pap Smears

Pap smears help detect cervical cancer or any abnormal cells in the cervix that could lead to cancer.

Breast Exams

Your gynecologist will check your breasts for any lumps or abnormalities in the skin and tissue.

Pelvic Exams

Pelvic exams consist of checking your vaginal canal and cervix for the health of your reproductive organs.

Among these services, gynecologists also provide management for menopause and osteoporosis in older women and can help women with family planning and pregnancies. These doctors also test for STD, or sexually transmitted diseases, that overtime can affect the health and reproductive system.

The Benefits of Gynecology

Gynecology, as a medical practice, gives resources to women for all aspects of their health. Gynecology has numerous benefits for women, including:

  • Specialized services that focus on women
  • Comprehensive and supportive care
  • All-encompassing examinations for women’s health conditions

Commonly Asked Questions About Gynecology

What ages should I have my first OB/GYN appointment?

Women should have their first pelvic exam around the age of 21. They should have an appointment sooner if they are sexually active before the age of 21, around the ages of 13 to 15. You should also schedule a gynecologist appointment if you are experiencing issues such as strong-smelling vaginal fluid, fevers, stomach pains, problems with your period, and a missed period. 

Should I be tested for HPV?

If you are sexually active, you will become at risk of getting the human papillomavirus, or HPV for short. Pap smears can help test for HPV, along with other sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, syphilis, and chlamydia. 

What happens if I miss one or two days of my birth control?

You should first read the instructions of your birth control medication. As an overarching rule, if you miss one day, take two the next day, and if you miss two days, take two for the next two days. 

How We Can Help With Gynecology

We provide clinical care for women of all ages; that means we focus on creating a diverse, trustworthy, and comfortable environment for our patients. We provide advanced women’s care through educational resources, annual exams, and medications for various health conditions. If you’re worried about your visit, we believe that we’ll be able to give you the best treatment options for your health to give you a better life overall. If you have any gynecology questions, then please contact us today to schedule an appointment.